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Aalborg International Friends


Who are we?
Aalborg International Friends, is an initiative run by a group of churches in Aalborg with an interest in supporting internationals. We primarily serve two main aims:
  • All internationals are welcome to our events no matter what their faith or background. We hope to provide an environment where Danish nationals and internationals can find friendships and also help ease the problems of loneliness experienced by so many internationals while here in Aalborg.
  • To provide fellowship for international Christians in Aalborg or those interested in finding out more about Christianity.

What do we do?
We hold regular planned events primarily focused on allowing people to make friends and meet each other. There is also an email list that you can join, which serves as an information list for other more casual events that a person or group of people may wish to organize. For example, this may be to cook some food from their country where others can take part or to have an informal social time together. Join us on Facebook, Aalborg International Friends community, so you will be informed of the events.  You will also sign up for the event on Facebook. There are also several activities in the churches available for internationals, for more info follow this link.